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Vagrant Queen Online Free

Watch Vagrant Queen Full Series Online. Elida, an orphaned queen who refuses to accept her true title, prefers to scavenge and get into scrapes throughout the galaxy as the Republic government seeks to snuff out her royal bloodline. Elida’s existence is turned upside down when her friend from way back, Isaac, claims that Elida’s mother, Xevelyn, is still alive.

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Status: Canceled

Actors: , , ,

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Duration: 43 min


TMDb: 6.3



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at 4:11 PM

They should have included it, that may have saved this from being just another generic 90s scifi throwback.


at 6:33 PM

So. Wow. It’s hard to overstate just how campy this is.

Cosplay quality makeup and costuming, community theater-level sets and lighting. Black lights and fluorescent paint. CGI from the 90s.

It’s not without its charms though. Characters are caricatures. Genuinely funny dialog at points. Gives a feel sometimes like a throwback old sci-fi show from an era long gone. It really leans into its thing, and I think it kinda saves it.

Most people will hate it, I suspect. And understandably so. Personally, I enjoy the concept, execution, premise, but not sure there’s a lot of forgiveness for this kinda stuff in the public mind.


    at 10:30 AM

    Yeah, this is like Xena in space. I like how the zombie bad guys from the last ep, were the exact same “long arm monkey” enemies from the prior episode with just a new mask on. And then suddenly the whole long arms bit went away, and it was just guys jumping around in a suit.

    Super cheap budget apparently. And I keep feeling like something happened in the editing room or something. Th comic has way more politics, and the chars are set up for lots more SJW “we are talking about trump via aliens” type stuff, but they appear to have decided not to go that direction. Which leaves the few remaining bits of plot/char development in that direction orphaned and strange.


at 12:28 AM

The trailer won me over. I need some comedy SciFi, The Orville is not enough and it’s taking quite some time to come back.