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Watch The Mandalorian Full Series Online Free – NEW Season 2. After the fall of the Galactic Empire, lawlessness has spread throughout the galaxy. A lone gunfighter makes his way through the outer reaches, earning his keep as a bounty hunter.

The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 3 Online Free [wait few moments to be released]

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Duration: 35,48 min


TMDb: 8.4



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at 10:31 AM

Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 3 online free watch here :: AIRED 😀


at 12:40 AM

I love to watch The Mandalorian online free here, season 2 episode 3 will be great i’m sure!


at 4:02 PM

I tell people new to the series to just watch eps 1, 2, 8 of s1

Hopefully s2 delivers throughout with less filler


    at 10:38 PM

    The plot points that a viewer would get out of your recommended episodes is:
    Main character meets Carl Weathers in Nevarro to accept a mysterious bounty mission elsewhere.
    Meets Kuiil and IG-11 on the other planet, while pursuing the bounty.
    Shoots IG-11 and takes The Child.
    [some unimportant shit happens]
    The Child uses the Force to save the main character from the mudhorn.
    Main character and Kuiil part ways when the main character leaves Kuiil’s planet.

    The main character is suddenly in Navarro, in town, with a lot of shiny new armor, a party of characters (including the shocktrooper lady – whom we haven’t seen before), in the middle of a standoff against a bunch of stormtroopers.
    Also, there are other stormtroopers somewhere else on the planet, taking The Child. Why is that being portrayed like a crisis? Wasn’t the main character supposed to deliver The Child to some Imperials?
    Kuiil is already dead. On Nevarro. What was he doing there? WHO FUCKING CARES?!
    IG-11 comes out of nowhere to save the day. Wait, I thought he was destroyed in the first episode…
    Most of the other Mandalorians who were on Navarro are dead now. As far as we knew, they were keeping a low profile up until this point.

    What in the actual fuck is somebody supposed to think, if that’s the extent of their exposure to the show?

    You can’t skip S01E03, because it gives the character new armor, and establishes that The Mandalorian is willing to become a fugitive (against the bounty hunters’ guild and the Imperials) to protect The Child. It also shows other Mandalorians coming out of hiding, which sets the stage for most of them to be dead later.
    You can’t skip S01E04, because it introduces the shocktrooper lady (whom we’ll see again later), and it establishes that other people will hunt down The Child potentially on any planet.
    You can’t skip S01E05, because it introduces the mechanic character whom we’ll see again in S02E01, and she reacts to The Child at that later time as if she’s seen him before.
    You can’t skip S01E07, because it assembles the party (of the shocktrooper, Kuiil, IG-11, and Carl Weathers), establishes what their mission is, and gets them into the middle of a cliffhanger which S01E08 needs to resolve.

    The only episode you might be able to skip, is S01E06 (the prison-break one). It doesn’t seem to have introduced any characters we’ve seen since then. But it may turn out that one or more of those characters return sometime in S02. So until we’ve seen all of S02, we can’t really say how much of S01 is skippable. It only takes a little over 4 hours to get through all of S01 anyhow.


at 8:16 PM

We’re loving this show! Can’t get enough of it!

I don’t know why, but Baby Yoda absolutely destroys me every time I see it! I mean, just thinking about it makes me laugh with joy!

My girlfriend thinks I’m nuts!


    at 8:17 PM

    Sounds like it’s time for you to father an offspring. They’re even more fun in real life (unlike this show).


at 8:16 PM

Don’t even like Star Wars or even follow it – but after the first episode definitely a fan – and you don’t know have to have a background in Star Wars to understand whats going on


at 8:14 PM

Is the show really popular or is it just my social media algos? Seems to have a lot of meme power every week


at 8:14 PM

Two filler episodes in four episodes. Sigh.
I really hoped more from the show, but I guess it’s just going to be mostly lame rehashed monster-of-the-week episodes.


at 8:13 PM

As not a fan of Star Wars in any way I can say that the show is… decent. Episodes are short so don’t drag, acting is good enough (although I wasn’t particularly impressed by Carl Weathers here), CGI are again not bad (wooly rhino looked pretty good, not photorealistic ofc but very good for TV show). My main gripe would be that interesting characters don’t get enough screen time:

Spoiler !!!
cool robot featured on poster I totally expected to become a sidekick or something – gone in 10 minutes if that.
Kick-ass female character who, for a change, actually looks like she can kick some serious ass IRL – half an episode, poof, see ya.


at 8:12 PM

“written by Jon Favreau” – yeah more like Akira Kurosawa, Sergio Leone, etc.

The series is excellent, except for the scripts. The scripts are poor renditions of classic Westerns, with no originality and way too much pointless, harmless violence. There’s no cleverness and no tension. They desperately need to hire a good writing team, but then that’s the problem will all Star Wars stuff under Kathleen Kennedy, isn’t it?


at 8:11 PM

Did you know that Bryce Dallas Howard directed an episode of The Mandalorian?

I didn’t, until imdb told me. And I think I want to barf.


    at 8:12 PM

    Eh, capable in front of the camera doesn’t necessarily make one capable behind the camera and vice-versa. For example, ST:V’s Torres and Paris both turned into director and EP respectively and both fairly prolific at that.


at 8:11 PM

Usually I just wait for a show to finish and than try to binge watch it.
This one is an exception, watched episode 1, meh at best.
Stars Wars is way over-hyped.


at 8:10 PM

38 mins for the pilot episode!!? What is this an anime series?
I thought we would be getting hour long episodes.


at 8:09 PM

Easy to watch (a bit intriguing). I’ll keep watching then.


at 8:08 PM

Wasn’t expecting much out of the show with how the movies were handled but this seems pretty ok.
Jon Favreau has a very safe writing style. It doesn’t attract me but it also doesn’t really push me away. I was expecting to drop it after the first episode but I think it was produced well enough to give it at least two more episodes.


at 8:07 PM

Well, huh.

As a long-time fan of the movies (I saw the 1st in the theater when I was 7!), I enjoyed this. It’s packed with nods to the original trilogy, both visually and narratively. It is beautifully shot. The cast is great (so far). I like the premise. I could go in deep on the merits, or lack thereof, in the writing, but others have already said much of it, and a lot of the negatives I won’t argue with. It’s obvious that to enjoy this, I can’t be too pedantic about it.

Mostly? It was weirdly short. Like a webisode. Here’s all the exposition, aaaand, we’ll see you next week! 38 minutes? C’mon.

But I’m certainly going to keep watching.


at 8:06 PM

The cinematography and the score was very cinematic for sure. But I felt the storyline itself, the writing and the pacing was disappointing. The CGI with the droid was spectacular however. I’ll watch the next episode regardless.


at 8:05 PM

Prefacing this by saying that I have never been a “fan” of Star Wars.

The set design/practical effects are pretty good in the show, they give you a feeling of “star wars” (original trilogy)

The CGI for the most part is not good (creatures in particular). The CGI for the first episode with the creatures felt very prequel quality.

I wasn’t expecting such cliche/mediocre/bad writing, exposition, and pacing.

Comedic writing with the droid at the end wasn’t so bad, but as I saw someone else comment, the show felt like a ‘video game’ (get the bounty, get the gear upgrade, get the mount tutorial, etc), and that could be encapsulated in the scene where Mando gets on the turret and it feels like a cutscene with shooting interaction.

If I was a fan I wouldn’t care so much, but I’m not, so I have no interest in continue watching it.

I guess this wouldn’t work with Star Wars because its always been about “the fate of the universe” kind of narrative, but I wish it wasn’t so entwined in the movie universe. Yoda (kin?) being in it totally turned me off because I want lower-stakes, more nuanced driven show in the Star Wars universe than trying to be Movie-light. Just make a cowboy bebop type show in the Star Wars universe and I’d be happier.


at 8:04 PM

Well holy f**k I was not expecting that. Such amount of aesthetic quality comparable to A+ movies, the soundtrack, scenes, dialogues (with an acceptable amount of humour) and a pretty likable character for a bounty hunter.

But that ending, oh my god I have spoken.


at 8:03 PM

I bet Scene will be consistently-fast on the 720p WEB, especially from E02 and onward. It’ll probably be just like when Netflix unveils new material – it’s being pirated minutes later. If P2P doesn’t come through early enough for the impatient people, Scene always will. Whatever you can download within 1 hour of the official release time, is probably going to be crap, though – even if it’s from a P2P/internal group. This isn’t necessarily true about streaming platforms in general, but it’s expected to be true with Disney+ specifically.

ETA is going to be a lot less predictable for those of us who care about quality, and I certainly care, since it seems like this series will have similar production values as Rogue One. I’m willing to put up with lengthy and wildly inconsistent delays (the price I’ll probably have to pay) for a more bluray-like experience, but that’s not conducive toward arranging far in advance for a group of people to watch it together. Multiple members of my household already wait an extra 1-2 days for higher-quality versions of most of the shows they watch, thus a similar delay+quality of The Mandalorian isn’t going to be received like a rude awakening.


at 8:02 PM

Anyone got an idea what time the first episode would be available? Was thinking of throwing a watching party…


at 8:02 PM

My body is ready!


at 8:01 PM

I want this more than I want my next coffee. OK, let’s not take it that far; I want this more than I want my next breath is more down-to-Earth.


at 8:01 PM

getting excited. less than a month. i assume this is a weekly ep release and not a series dump?


at 8:00 PM

This actually looks like it could be good, the only film that Disney put out I liked was Rogue One. Pedro Pascal, Giancarlo Esposito, Carl Weathers and even Bill Burr have me holding out some hope, and an awesome trailor.


at 5:38 PM

This show has delivered. The hype is real.