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The Boys Online Free

Watch The Boys Full Series Online. A group of vigilantes known informally as “The Boys” set out to take down corrupt superheroes with no more than blue-collar grit and a willingness to fight dirty.


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at 1:06 PM

Fuck I love this series!

And now the long wait for season 3…


at 5:34 PM

This was my surprise last year… only reason I watched it was because of my new nvidia Shield TV (so much better than the 3 or 4 Chinese media boxes I have) and my Amazon Prime account which I have never used once to watch anything TV or video… I’d not even heard of this series.

Went in expecting the same bullshit superhero stuff we’ve been bombarded with for the past decade and instead of losing interest quickly, I was pleasantly surprised. I like some of the characters, I like the grittiness, I like the story so far. Looking forward to season 2.


at 9:04 AM

two episodes in and its OK. calling it brilliant or the best new show this year would seem a bit of a stretch.

whats with Urbans accent? sometimes he sounds like a Kiwi, other times an Aussie and every now and then it goes a bit Cockney.


    at 11:04 PM

    I agree. Watching it without any expectations I thought it was pretty good, but it’s not mindblowing. I will watch season 2 though.

    Maybe he just talks like that? It would be weird if he used his real accent and twisted it for no reason. There’s a guy from New Zealand where I work and people often mistake him for british at first.


at 10:46 PM

Ended up disliking it quite a bit. “Fun”not being a word I’d asociate with an exercise in nihilism such as this. Not to say there aren’t moments – just way too few and way too far between.


at 8:03 PM

After finishing out the season, I can honestly say that I really enjoyed this.
I won’t heap superlatives on it, it has its flaws, and it’s not terribly subtle, a bit ‘on the nose’ and obvious.
But 100% glad I took the time. It’s a lot of fun, slightly lascivious, gratuitously gory, doesn’t take itself horribly seriously.


at 9:38 AM

Bloody hell, this was brilliant. I went in with zero expectations and was utterly blown away. Yep, easily the best series so fat this year.


at 10:49 PM

Best new season this year I think. This one has legs and will be the first Stranger Things level success on Amazon I think. The acting is phenomenal as are the effects. The writing is next level. It just really works in so many ways. There are some things that could be better maybe I dunno, but overall solid 8.6/10 easy. Each episode gets better for the most part imo.


at 1:01 PM

Interesting one, gritty elements here and there. Will check the next season too.


at 11:18 PM

I didn’t expect it but I’m really enjoying this one. Not bad at all.


at 7:59 PM

My main problem so far is the same I have with a lot of recent series is that none of the characters are very likable.

Karl Urban managed to make Dredd rootable even under the visor so it’s got to be a fault of The Boys writing. ie It’s not a bug , it’s the feature. Kinda dumb as how am I suppose to care what happens when I don’t care about anybody?


at 10:22 AM

Went into this with low expectations, given the lack of buzz. And am not familiar with the source material.
And sure, the “gritty superheros are people with problems” thing is a well trod premise.
But so far, I’m quite enjoying it. The cast is great, soundtrack is excellent. It’s fun, perhaps a bit gratuitous. Lightly touches on “social issues”, but never feels preachy.
I’m only 2 eps in tho, lots of room to fall apart.


at 10:01 PM

Two episodes in and my reaction thus far is that I thought I’d like it more than I do. Given the construct, I probably shouldn’t have.